Just a Puppy

dog swims with dolphins

Dog Swims with Dolphins

This dog loves the ocean. While other dogs play in the backyard, this dog swims with dolphins. Watch this video now to see the dog...

dog at orchestra

This Dog Loves Classical Music

This dog really knows what is good. Watch this video of a dog stealing the show during an orchestra performance.

dog friends with animals

Fantastic Dog Friendships

Not only humans and dogs get along, dogs are also loved by many other animals. Dogs are just true friends and the most loyal animal...

dog and tiger cub

Dog Adopts Tiger Cub

This adorable tiger cub was abandoned by her mother. Fortunately this friendly dog adopted the cub. Watch them play and enjoy life in this fantastic...

puppy reunion

Mother Dog Reunited With Her Puppies

After Cora has given birth, she was surrendered to the animal shelter without her litter. She was scared and frightened until she finally got her...

dog finds kitten

Dog Finds Kittens and Adopts Them

  Lovely dog finds a box full of cute little kittens and decides to adopt them. He seems to be the perfect foster dad for...

wolf cute

What to Do If You Encounter a Wolf

When going hiking or camping in the great outdoors, there is always the possibility that you may encounter wildlife, such as a wolf. Though rare,...

dachshund sleeping

Frank – One Lucky Adopted Dog

This is Frank, a cute 1.5 year old Dachshund. He is adopted and can enjoy a full dog’s life. Watch this video to see how...

puppies sit

How To Teach A Dog To Sit

“Sit” is the most basic command that a dog will learn, and is most often the first. If a dog doesn’t know a single other...

dogs meet owner

Dogs Meet Their Owners After Long Time

Watch this very emotional video about dogs meeting their owners after a long time. This pure happiness, unconditional love and loyalty is what we love...

puppy breakout

Chihuahua Puppy Breakout

These cute Chihuahua puppies try to break free from their enclosure. While they try really hard, they do it in their own very special style. Watch...

lion dog friends

Dog and Lion Are Best Friends

Very cute friendship between Honey the dog and Kwanza the lion cub. Watch them play together in this video. The lion was born in Darling Downs Zoo...

husky belly rubs

Husky Demands Belly Rubs

This Husky is really demanding. Watch how he makes his owner rubbing his belly. Some dogs just know what they want and how to get...

puppy frozen box

Puppy Found Frozen in a Box

  This puppy was left to die in a box in freezing conditions in northern Canada. To make it worse they tied his muzzle with...

funny dog fails

Funny Dog Fails

No dog is perfect and just like people not everything works as intended. Don’t think any of the dogs got hurt as they seem to...

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