Five Things Your Dog Would Tell You If He Could

You know much about your dog, but not all he wants you to understand. Some important matters influence his health and happiness, and he would tell you about them if he could. Here are five things your dog would tell you if he could:

He can’t cope with heat

dog hot

Unless by a log fire in the winter, your dog hates being hot. Unsurprisingly, he dreads waiting in the car in the summer heat. Just a few minutes there could threaten his life. He doesn’t even like being in the house when fresh air isn’t circulating. Sometimes, you tell him to sit by your side while you sunbathe. But, he can only do this for so long before he is uncomfortable.

If possible, he would explain he doesn’t sweat through his skin. He perspires through his foot pads and cools down by drinking water or panting. He would love you to mist him with water when he’s hot. If he is confused or wobbly, he needs you to understand he may have heat stroke and requires immediate attention.


He is sad when you leave

dog sad

Pack animals stay together, working as teams and looking after each other. When you exit the house, your dog has no idea if you are safe. Also, he doesn’t know if you’re eating without him; he doesn’t want to miss out. Sometimes, you smell of food, or worse, other dogs when you return. He wonders why you’ve been with strangers when he was by himself.

Canine separation anxiety is common. Dogs naturally seek to connect with their human families. Strong instincts, coupled with frustration and fear can make them destructive when they are alone. However, they can be taught to be okay using a step-by-step process. Gradually working up from five minutes alone-time to longer periods can bring about a positive result.


You puzzle him

dog confused

According to your dog,you’re odd because your behavior is inconsistent. For instance, sometimes, you allow him on the couch. At others, you shout when he snuggles next to you. He can’t understand why you change your mind. He’s confused and doesn’t know how to please you.

You provide tidbits, then refuse. Your pal has no way of knowing whether he’s entitled to food from your plate or not. He doesn’t understand why he’s a “good boy” when he begs on occasion, but not on others. Also, you let him on your bed then tell him off. One moment he’s allowed prime position, and then he’s made to sleep on the floor. Additionally, you encourage him to jump up, then chastise him when he puts his paws on someone.

Your dog wants you to give consistent commands, so he knows how to please you. On the couch or off? Tidbits or no tidbits? Make sure he knows, and he will be better equipped to behave well and be less confused.


He likes brain-food

Dogs require mental stimulation. They are happy with a ball now and then, but sometimes boredom sets in and they need action. Your furry pal might bark, chase the cat, or eat your slippers to escape monotony. If your dog could talk, he would tell you he wants toys stuffed with treats. Using his brain to figure out how to retrieve the tasty morsels is fun. Also, he wishes to frolic with another dog occasionally. He may feel satisfied if he traveled more, saw new people and places, and played hide and seek.


He will ignore recall if he expects to be punished

dog scared

Would you enthusiastically greet someone who punished you? Of course, you wouldn’t. Dog owners often chastise their furry friends for not returning quickly, though. A link then forms between responding to recall and an adverse outcome. Your buddy needs to know he’s not going to be punished even if he is slow to respond.

Your dog wants you to realize he never tries to upset you. Indeed, he wants to make you happy. At times he gets this wrong because you give him mixed messages. He doesn’t always know what you intend. Also, he wants to engage in stimulating activities and avoid the heat. Understand him better, and you’ll both be happy.

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Five Things Your Dog Would Tell You If He Could

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