Police Dog Sacked for Being Too Cute!

We all have our ideas and opinions about police dogs. Most of us have seen them on TV, or read about them in the news.

A select few police dogs, some of the very most elite, undergo an advanced form of training called Schutzhund (German for ‘protection dog’). Very few police dogs actually undergo these advanced classes, and even fewer pass them. Most don’t have what it takes.

One Queensland police pup was sacked for a different reason altogether.

This Police Dog was Sacked… for Being too Cute!

Gavel at police academy. Source: Facebook

Gavel just couldn’t cut it out there in the rough world of police work. This adorable police pup turns out to be a lover, not a fighter; he just loved people too darn much!

At first, Gavel showed great promise, intelligence, confidence, etc.- all of the things ideal for a great police dog! Unfortunately, he just wasn’t cut out for the demanding job. Gavel was too nice for police work.

One of forty police dogs being trained for the Queensland Dog Squad, Gavel was fostered out to Governor Paul de Jersey because he was deemed ‘just too friendly’!


Gavel Gets a New Role

Unsure what to do, the Queensland governor took action. It wasn’t long before Gavel took on a new, equally important role, finally filling a much needed vacancy.

“He may have missed out on becoming a Queensland Police Service Dog, but it is abundantly clear that Gavel has the characteristics necessary to adequately fulfil duties as Queensland’s official Vice-Regal Dog,” de Jersey posted.


Gavel, the Vice-Regal Dog

Gavel’s new job at Government House. Source: Facebook

What is a ‘Vice-Regal Dog’, you ask? Now, instead of enduring the tough and tiresome rigors of police work day in and day out, Gavel now has the pleasure of greeting important representatives and dignitaries at Government House. He even gets to sit in on the occasional briefing!

What else lightens the stale mood of a dry and boring political setting? Gavel fills this extremely important performance superbly, eliminating nervous jitters and uneasy fidgets with a wag of his adorable little tail!


A Little Bit of History

Contrary to popular belief, German Shepherds were originally bred to assist with stock animals, but became popular among German, then later American, police and soldiers years after their original breeding. Because these guys are among the top few most intelligent and trainable dog breeds on the planet, they are absolutely ideal for the task!

Too cute for his police uniform. Source: Facebook

New Beginnings for Gavel

Most of us are passionate about our various political beliefs. Some of us will even argue one side or the other like our lives depended on it, throwing modesty to the wind!

Is it hard to imagine an adorable little argument- deterrent, something to calm passions and cool heated tempers, allowing reasonable minds to prevail? Not only does this former police dog get to fill an equally (possibly much more important, depending on who is asked) role for his human handlers, he was gifted with something millions of other dogs across the country didn’t have- a loving home!

Police Dog Sacked for Being Too Cute!

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